Several years ago, when I was forced to retire, a friend reached out to me with this poem. I sort of knew then that huge life challenges give us a chance to grow – to learn – to become closer to our souls, more powerful, happier, wiser… It turned out to be true then, and true again when I got prostate cancer (What in the world is the right word for that? I didn’t go out and ‘get’ anything – I developed? I became ill?).

I am turning 75 this year – another opportunity – and I feel incredibly lucky.

So….I hope that men reading this who are facing illness, change, aging will find what is written here helpful. Men have been taught to be strong and silent, which is admirable. BUT older men suicide more often than any other group, and the rate for men with prostate cancer is even higher.

You may feel you are finished. But you are not.

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  1. Bill,
    ‘Again’ is an exquisite expression of human experience. We, women and men, come face to face with walls that appear overwhelming. It is a gift to recognize the hope within, that tiny inert toe tapping that leads us through despair to renewed life.

  2. Turning to that corner with expectancy of what? Unknowns are the stuff of travel to our destination and as we discover the new path we can see clearer that there can be way of getting through if we are willing to learn the new lessons no matter how challenging. I believe that having faith that there is always going to be a teacher there for us is the truth we always need.

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