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These Buddhists

Is there ever a good time to think poorly of ourselves? That we are not smart enough or strong enough? We do it all the time, and if we do it long enough, we lose our energy, want to give ...
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The Road

I am grateful ...
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Several years ago, when I was forced to retire, a friend reached out to me with this poem. I sort of knew then that huge life challenges give us a chance to grow – to learn – to become closer ...
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I just finished today a wonderful book by authors Jim Horton and Don Bowak called Marking Life Stages which describes how New Zealanders offer opportunities for their young people to engage in safe and secure rituals that assist them in ...
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Copying My Dad

I remember thinking my Dad was being uncharacteristically dramatic when, after buying a new Ford Crown Victoria in 1981, he said it would be the last car he would ever buy. Now that I am the same age as he ...
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For the first half century or so of a man’s life after puberty – or at least my life, it often seemed that everything was about sex. Wonderful. Demanding. Challenging. Perfect. Not Perfect. And so on. Then came prostate surgery ...
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Moving On

This is humbling. I do not have cancer. My energy is returned. I went for a run and I was not tired. I wonder how much of my tiredness before was related to low iron and how much to fear ...
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I Am Cancer

I apologize for my absence. I have been tired for several months, I have been afraid and I have been denying that I am afraid. For a long time, I said to myself that I was only afraid of screwing ...
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I am not sure that I really understood how I felt when I was first diagnosed. I think it was a kind of panic. I was trying to find out exactly what was happening to me and what could happen ...
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It has taken me most of a lifetime to realize that I usually try to avoid feeling pain – by getting busy, by starting something new, by thinking of another time – by doing anything except feeling. At some point ...
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