Copying My Dad

I remember thinking my Dad was being uncharacteristically dramatic when, after buying a new Ford Crown Victoria in 1981, he said it would be the last car he would ever buy. Now that I am the same age as he was then, I understand. Sweet memories. I wish he was still with us – I would love to talk with him now about how to be a man. I didn’t then appreciate fully how wise and strong he was.

Writing poetry is a way for me to talk with him. I like to think he would be interested. I imagine him listening, considering and giving me his response. I would love that so much.

Having cancer has helped me explore what it means to be a man. Perhaps any life changing event would do that. Life becomes precious. All of the good things become precious – the people I love, my country, the earth. And I want more and more to understand everything. I intend to write about this – moving on from understanding prostate cancer to trying to understand life.

In future blogs, I will be posting poems about power, weakness, soul, fairness, bullying, gratitude, prayer, sadness, happiness, toughness, terrorists, envy, lust, anger, pride, a lot about fear and a lot about love. And anything else that comes to mind.

I think Dad will be watching. I will try to live up to his example.

That Crown Victoria was his last car. He died ten years later.

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  1. I remember him voicing that and it calls to mind some closing words in a letter he wrote me. ” Wishing you God’s contentment.” He was a man who was always one to express gratitude and this I believe gave him the fortitude we admire so much. Like you I have felt such a loss as I grow older looking back and thinking of what I could share with him now but couldn’t seem to then. So I look forward to the hope of seeing him and mom and others who were our elders and gave us of themselves as best they knew to do.

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