I have had what seems to me to be an odd experience with fear as I went through the stages of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Odd in that I did not actually feel afraid. I knew that my cancer could kill me, but I didn’t go into it. Instead, I put a lot of energy denying all of my feelings. It wasn’t until several years after my surgeries that I felt a lot of anger and by then, my PSA readings were consistently low, so I no longer had reason to be afraid that I would die.

I have come to realize that I have lived with a lot of fears that I continually, with great effort, deny. Then finally, I realize that speaking my fears out loud actually gives me relief.

I am very interested in others’ experiences – allowing feelings or not?

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  1. Enjoyed reading your book. Certainly can relate to much of it. Diagnosed in 2011, Prostatectomy in 2012. Incontinence, ED & pundendal nerve entrapment from then on. Recurrence in 2016. 36 salvage radiation treatments. Waiting for PSA test in Mar 2017 to see if radiation killed the beast. Nonograph says I have a 28% chance that I will be cancer free in 6 years.

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