I Am Cancer

I apologize for my absence. I have been tired for several months, I have been afraid and I have been denying that I am afraid. For a long time, I said to myself that I was only afraid of screwing up the process of posting. And while it is true that I do not enjoy the technicalities of blogging, that is a deception.

I have been afraid that being tired and having pain in my arms means that I have cancer again. Tests show that my iron is low and I will receive the result of further tests in a couple of days.

I am unclear about what I do feel. Cowardly maybe?

Anyhow. I am back.


Thank you

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  1. Good to see you back, Bill. Glad the initial results are benign and hope the rest are, too. I haven’t had cancer but imagine that if I ever did, and went through surgery and all the other nastiness that can accompany it, I’d feel scared too. It’s a price we pay, I suppose, for all that gives us feelings of gratitude…maybe what you’ve been feeling is the fear of losing them. I hope that the feeing subsides, and admire your strength.

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