Morning Counts

Not everything about my cancer was sad or scary. I still had to get up in the morning and do things. It seemed sort of funny, in a way, that while I was worried about treating my cancer, impotence and incontinence, I still had to go to the can, brush my teeth, clean the house, repair the car……

Probably this was the beginning of my going deeper into myself – deeper than being afraid or angry.

My experience of cancer brought with it, among other things, greater peace and strength.


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  1. Yes, truly the small,seemingly insignificant things we are called to can bring us comfort and grace especially in times of crisis. There is refuge in what we usually consider mundane as it reminds us that we are still capable of performing that which sustains us. Life is such an amazing gift. Thankyou for bringing this perspective to my day.

  2. Resonates….I read with interest your feelings and the great range of emotions to surviving prostate cancer. It hit home to me personally. You are not alone, but similarly to me, we survived, things may never work the same but we we can adapt and overcome. Many more after us will too. Stay strong.

  3. Your words ring so true. The every day tasks keep our brains focused away from fear. When anxiety and fear return, it is good to mentally re-visit those happy successes from the morning. This helps (me) to refocus my energies on the positive in my life. I am glad I read this blog today … Thank you, Bill!

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