The Buddha Thinks

When my friend started giving me books about Buddhism, I became irritated. Building on past experience, I knew that there was something there for me to learn. The stronger my irritation the more valuable the lessons were. Writings by Pema Chodrun were especially helpful.


I am not sure that I really understood how I felt when I was first diagnosed. I think it was a kind of panic.

I was trying to find out exactly what was happening to me and what could happen. I did not want to do anything to my body that might effect my ability to make love.

I read that when prostate cancer moves into our bodies one of the symptoms is that our bones begin to ache. Soon after reading this, the bones in my legs began to ache. I told the radiologist about this and he scheduled an MRI. The results came back quite quickly and the results showed that there was no cancer whatsoever outside of my prostate. Immediately, the pains went away.

I think this was panic.