What to do with fear?

When we are facing the possibility of our death or the loss of someone we love, what can we do? Fear is a useful emotion – it tells us to protect ourselves, to take action. But if our actions may not help, what do we do?

Fear, sitting in my chest can overwhelm me. I can use immense amounts of my energy suppressing fear – stuffing it deep inside. But at a huge cost. Or I can express it – talking to those I trust – or I can into the forest and scream it out of my body. There is merit in both approaches.

Or, as I recently learned, I can simply release my fear. I call this being “softly fearless”.

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  1. Fear they say invokes a fight or flight response but it can also freeze a person, where a person isn’t capable of making those important choices. What do you do then?

    • I recently read a book called The Sedona Method which describes a way to release any emotion. It worked for me so I will give a very short summary – First, describe to yourself the fear. Second, imagine holding that fear in your hands. Third, ask yourself if you want to keep that feeling. Third, answer yes or no, Fourth, if you answer no, then release the fear by saying “I release this fear” and do it physically by emptying your hands. This is a summary of the whole book. If you would like to explore it more, please let me know.

  2. Thanks for that, Bill. Life surely isn’t for the faint-hearted, as someone once said. I appreciate the dignity with which you have handled and are handling difficult times, as well as the sharing of your learnings with others.
    The picture is beautiful.

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